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You need to convey the heart of your message to your targeted audience. You need an expert who is intuitive, who listens to understand, and who has the "hustle" and know-how to get the job done. That's me.

Through years of teaching and studying language, I have developed an exceptional skill for analyzing complicated information, determining the fundamental meaning of any message, and packaging it to be delivered in a simplified, targeted, aesthetically-pleasing way.

My career in education led me to become a skilled communications executive, now with over 10 years of experience in program management, marketing campaigns, strategic planning, and graphic design. I enjoy solving complex problems, designing multi-media outreach campaigns, and getting to know my clients.

My background in education and customer service is a testament to my innate desire to serve others. I especially enjoy working with non-profits, community, human rights, and educational organizations, and "blue-collar" industries.

I live in Columbia, SC with my partner, Paolo, and our rescue pup, Momo. We enjoy hiking in state parks, traveling, testing new recipes, and supporting the local art & music scene.

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